Volunteer accident insurance

While paid workers are covered by the CSST for accidents occurring during work hours, volunteers are not protected. Therefore, organizations in all activity sectors that use the services of volunteers must obtain accident insurance specifically for them.

In response, Ultima established the Affinité program to cover the specific needs of NPOs and volunteers. We can also create tailor-made coverage for all other types of businesses that use volunteer services. Contact your Ultima broker to find out more.

Which organizations should think about getting accident insurance for their volunteers?

All organizations that call upon volunteers to deliver their services, particularly non-profit organizations (NPOs) such as:

  • Community and social associations
  • Professional associations
  • Waterfront landowners associations
  • Youth support services

What are the most common risks in volunteer accident insurance?

Personal injuries during volunteer work hours are among the leading reasons for submitting a claim.

What does accident insurance protection for volunteers typically cover?

  • Accidental death benefit
  • Personal injury benefit
  • Benefit for permanent total incapacity
  • Benefit for permanent partial incapacity

Prevention tips for companies in the area of volunteer accident insurance

  • Set up a prevention committee.
  • Assess the risks involved in volunteer work in your organization and set up a risk management plan.
  • Provide appropriate monitoring and supervision of volunteer activities.
  • Ensure site safety.
  • Give volunteers training on tasks to be performed.

To find out more about volunteer accident insurance, contact Ultima now.