Cybersecurity / cyber risk insurance

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In this era of new technologies, every company with a computer network is at risk of being hacked. Cybersecurity and cyber risk insurance coverage protects not only IT companies but also businesses of every size and from every industry.

Contact us now to avoid the unfortunate consequences of data theft or loss. We will provide you with a realistic analysis of your risk level and offer tailor-made solutions.

Which companies should think about getting cybersecurity insurance?

Today all companies are at risk:

  • Retailers in all industries
  • Online businesses
  • Companies with an IT network
  • Companies with a website
  • Web agencies and other IT companies
  • Hosting and application service providers

What are the most common sources of cyber risk?

  • Breach of computer network security, hacking and data theft
  • Breach of confidentiality of company or customer information
  • Damage to the company’s reputation and brand in the event of information theft
  • Unintentional or accidental violations
  • Systems failure or improper configuration

What does cybersecurity insurance protection typically cover?

  • Damage to equipment, losses resulting from business interruptions, threats, extortion and communications required in crisis situations
  • Third-party liability resulting from unauthorized access to a computer network, or from data theft or destruction, including breach of privacy laws, and the collection, transmission and use of personal information for unauthorized purposes

Cyber risk prevention tips

  • Choose software and data protection equipment with care.
  • Equip computer systems with firewalls and active antivirus solutions.
  • Have an appropriate data backup solution.
  • Destroy unused data in an appropriate manner.
  • Encrypt sensitive data and emails.
  • Ask a specialized firm to conduct a security audit.

To find out more about cybersecurity insurance, contact Ultima now.