Equipment and machinery breakdown insurance

Do your business operations and productivity rely on equipment being in good working order? Would a machinery breakdown lead to unfortunate production—and financial—losses? Would your employees have to stop working if the air conditioning broke down?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might need equipment and machinery breakdown insurance. It protects you against costly repairs and lets you keep working while minimizing negative impacts on business.

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Which companies should think about getting equipment and machinery breakdown insurance?

All companies whose activities run the risk of being interrupted due to sudden or accidental equipment breakage or failure.

What are the most common types of equipment breakdown?

  • Air conditioning or heating system breakdowns in office buildings
  • Short circuits in electrical panels
  • Compressor breakdowns in refrigerated warehouses
  • Breakage of essential equipment in assembly lines
  • Mechanical failure of integrated microprocessors in production equipment due to short circuits

What does equipment and machinery breakdown insurance typically cover?

This protection typically covers the costs of repairing and replacing the equipment experiencing a failure, as well as the financial losses due to business interruption, including for:

  • Pressure equipment
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Electronic equipment

Equipment and machinery breakdown prevention tips

  • Have equipment installed by specialists.
  • Maintain equipment regularly.
  • Provide suitable training to the employees likely to use equipment and machinery.

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