Insurance for companies in the horticulture industry

Always attentive to customer needs, Ultima understands that the issues faced by the horticulture industry require special care. We therefore developed the Vivacité program, an insurance solution designed especially for companies working in ornamental horticulture and affiliated with the Fédération interdisciplinaire de l’horticulture ornementale du Québec (FIHOQ). Ultima has been the FIHOQ’s partner for over 20 years and has the expertise to give top-notch service to members of this industry and to offer highly attractive rates.

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Our insurance solutions for horticulture businesses meet your specific needs:

  • Certified landscapers (APPQ)
  • Landscape architects (AAPQ)
  • Irrigation contractors (AIQ)
  • Garden centres and florists (AQCHO)
  • Arboriculturists (ISAQn)
  • Greenhouse growers (SPSQ)
  • Nursery growers (AQPP)
  • Ornamental horticulture companies (ASHOQ)
  • Golf superintendents (QGSA)
  • Turf growers (APGQ)

What kinds of coverage do horticulture companies most often need?

Efficient service from partners experienced in risk management

The first step in insurance is to assess the needs and risks of a business and then provide the appropriate coverage. Ultima understands this. That’s why we specialize in designing insurance solutions for companies like yours, whose business activities involve atypical risks.

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