Insurance outsourcing

Are you required to offer an insurance program or to act as an insurer for your members? Ultima provides insurance outsourcing services for business groups and professional associations. This allows you to benefit from economies of scale while retaining control over your program’s strategic directions. With a feasibility analysis, our experts can demonstrate the relevance of complete or partial outsourcing of your insurance activities. This includes developing the IT solutions required to manage your program and providing technical support.

Why outsource your insurance activities and services?

  • To focus on your core business activities
  • To benefit from tried-and-tested IT tools and processes
  • To better control your costs
  • To overcome a lack of expertise within your organization

Contact us to benefit from our insurance outsourcing services. We will be happy to provide you with a free feasibility study including:

  • A needs assessment and validation
  • Discussion on the proposed solution
  • A presentation of the partnership proposal
  • A simulation of savings you will achieve