Insurance for professional associations

Are you looking for a flexible insurance solution that meets the needs and requirements of your association members? Ultima is the ideal partner to help assess your members’ needs, analyze their risks and build a solution that’s perfectly tailored to them. Our company is well known for its experience with a very wide range of professional associations.

A made-to-order solution offers you and your members multiple benefits. Find out now what solutions we can offer you.

Our insurance for professional associations meets your specific needs:

  • Professional associations: landscapers, designers, appraisers, bailiffs and more
  • Professional associations: architects, lawyers, accountants, engineers, opticians, pharmacists, psychologists and more
  • Business groups: horticulture companies, construction companies, dealerships and more

What kinds of coverage do professional associations most often need?

Efficient service from partners experienced in risk management

Our proactive staff is there to listen, and their top priority is you. Rest assured that our team of experts is available if you need them.

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